Reverse Gray Hair?

Have you heard? Scientists have found a way to restore gray hair to it’s original color! The product is not available yet – but will be in the next year or two. It’s quasi-permanent, in that it treats all the hair follicles on ones head, but as we lose our typical 40-100 strands a day – the new hair follicles must be treated as well.

Having been a Silver Sage for over 9 years, I asked myself if I would use this product (assuming it’s safe) and go back to my natural brunette. My answer… no.

I was surprised by my own response… so I looked  a little deeper. For me, my silver hair has become a crown of distinction. It says hey – I’ve been through a lot,  learned a great many lessons and have a lot to offer. It says I have experience, wisdom, and compassion. It distinguishes me from a younger generation still struggling to find themselves. On a practical level, it’s been the easiest style and most flattering hair color I’ve ever had. While this may be true for me, I appreciate we all have our own unique perspective.

So – to all you Silver Sages out there – Would you use a product that restores your natural color? Why or why not?

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  1. Melinda Pickens Says:

    I am 55 so I think maybe I would. But, only because I tried to go natural a few years ago and too many people told me that my silver crown made me look too old. I think really it was because “they” are all my age and I was just a constant reminder that we are all getting older. I hope to let mine go natural by the time I am 60 and to heck with what anyone else says. I’m just wondering if in the meantime this might save me a few bucks on coloring every few weeks.

  2. admin Says:

    Melinda – That’s pretty insightful of you to realize that other women project their own fears of aging onto you! I was about 55 when I decided “enough was enough” with all the expense, time and hassle of coloring my hair every few weeks.
    I project, however, that if women who have never gone gray can maintain their natural color by applying a serum to their roots at home – they’re gonna do it! Unfortunately, I don’t think the companies that manufacture and sell hair dyes are going to allow that to happen – they would lose too much money. We’ll see how this all plays out. Anyway – it’s just interesting to pose the question and see what comes up!

  3. Rose Crane Says:

    No, I would not use a product that would restore my natural hair color because my ‘natural’ hair color is silver gray and I’ve earned every strand of it! I agree with the original post to this thread, namely “…my silver hair has become a crown of distinction. It says hey – I’ve been through a lot, learned a great many lessons and have a lot to offer. It says I have experience, wisdom, and compassion. It distinguishes me from a younger generation still struggling to find themselves.” Touche’.

  4. Monique Says:

    I think I might use such a product, as long as it is healthy. My main reason for stopping dye is the health reasons, but I am in the transition phase and it’s not a very attractive phase to be in, although I am looking forward to it being all one color, (and hope it’s silvery white throughout) But if I could be my old dark brown, might do it. BTW, has anyone heard of the gray hair vitamins that say they get rid of gray hair? They are based on the newest research about what causes gray hair and have a bunch of vitamins in them. What do you think? Do they work??

  5. Rann Patterson Says:

    All I did was just have a few regularly scheduled haircuts to keep my hair shaped. It is shoulder length and has always been thick and coarse–so a good haircut makes a bigger difference in the way I look, in some ways, than the color(s) ever did.

    I had cancer at age 25 and again at 34, so after all the surgery and treatments my immune system couldn’t handle the chemicals anymore, as I aged. I am 56 now, and three years ago a young (and good) stylist encouraged me to go shorter and back to my natural color, which is coffee –part black, brown, auburn. It had been years since a full bottle of ammonia-filled muck was slathered over my scalp. As soon as she covered my head with the plastic cap I couldn’t breathe! Luckily for me, she was in nursing school, and was aware of my history. We quickly washed the whole mess out, and I immediately felt relief. My hair still picked up all of the color and I got a cute cut. But it was too dark. Part of me realized I didn’t want to try to be 35 anymore. Like so many of the testimonials in the Gallery, I was tired. I was natural when I was young, and I wanted to be natural again.

    Divorce made me forget who I was, but the cancer made me remember who I was. What a gift.

    So now, my hair is blending out beautifully, and with each cut I see more beautiful silver! It’s softer than my natural hair was, and I feel so bold and confident now. My brother said “you have the most beautiful silver streaks on either side of your face.” How can you not like hearing that?

    It’s kind of like cancer patients do when they face chemo–they know they are going to lose their hair, so they get the upper hand and buzz it all off themselves. That way, they are in control. It’s very liberating for them.

    It’s the same psychological effect when going gray. My feeling is, just have a made up mind, then go for it. Negative comments are from jealous insecure people. Your boldness will cause the comments to slide right off!

    I haven’t read the book but I’m sure it covers health. It’s healthier for your scalp and even though I’m ultra sensitive, it could be those harsh chemicals causing auto immune disorders–(among other ailments) we really don’t know. But it makes perfect sense. Just for thought, and…good luck!
    Rann Patterson
    Cancer Editor –

  6. Rachel Says:

    reversal with a product is not very likely to be good for your cells, for you(!) or for the next generation and our environment! see what I mean by genomic integrity, and take care of yourself, by checking out the public service group AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity though Research! Too few studies are really doing the controlled tests that need doing, partially because of market interests and partially because we really don’t want to know just how bad the stuff we’ve been sold for so long really is! Take care and spread the word! (AGiR! is just starting its third year, and wants to get global !!)

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