Reading Maggie’s book helped educate me about the possible negative side effects of hair dye. Before, I just ignored this suspicion and kept thinking I needed to color… in order to look younger or “better”. My underlying desire to stop coloring and Maggie's well-researched information was just the kick I needed to make the decision to go gray. I have no regrets! Now, I spend a half an hour getting it cut rather than half my day (and paycheck) getting it colored!

~ Terri Waldorf

I find myself wanting to shake the hand of every woman I see that has decided to become a `Silver Sage' and let them know how encouraging they can be to those that will follow. Media and culture has long stressed that women should be young and shapely and suggest that when you reach a certain age you are moved into a sub-culture of "older woman." How wrong! Pick up this kickin' guide and become a Silver Sage! or not. Maggie gives you what you need to make a decision that is right... for you.

~ Danielle Drake

When I read Maggie's book, it was as though she had read my mind, brought up all the concerns and dilemmas I was facing. I immediately felt like I had company on this confusing journey. There were real answers here…well researched explanations of my options, expressed so clearly from a real grown woman’s perspective that it was as though I had taken the years to study them myself…only better.

~ Susan Magee