The Imprint We Leave

In just the past month, I’ve attended two “celebration of life” ceremonies. One for my 34 year old nephew, and another for a dear ’70 something’ friend. At each of these memorials I was struck by the heartfelt expression of the value each of these beloveds had added to the lives of those they touched. Interestingly, age didn’t seem to be a factor. Perhaps the essence of who we truly are just continues to expand with the years – but the imprint we leave begins early in life.

Food for thought:  What would you like folks to say about you as they are celebrating the end of your life? What legacy do you choose to leave? Are there changes you need to make now to insure that happens?  I’ve decided to write down 5 things (values) I would like to be remembered for and keep the list in front of me. At the end of each day, I look to see how I did – no judgment, no regret. I just decide what I might do differently tomorrow – assuming I have a tomorrow. If anything – these past couple of months have shown me (again!) that it could all end in a nanosecond.

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