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Not ready to be a feeble old woman with boobs in your lap,

dreams on the shelf, and " Memory Lane " your only destination?


Great ! You're part of a growing movement of "Amazing Grays" who are proving: Maturing women ARE beauty-full, vibrant, mindful, healthy, physically fit, desirable, wise and passionately engaged with life!

What women are saying...

When an epiphany in the hair salon convinced Maggie Crane to try life without hair dye, she found herself face to face with the fears and questions that unsettle many maturing women living in a culture obsessed with youth and beauty.

Is this the beginning of the end? Will I still be attractive and desirable as I age? Will I become invisible? Is it too late to make a difference?...And how on earth do I stop coloring my hair if I choose to?


With time and introspection, (and a healthy dose of kicking and screaming) Maggie came to reject the idea that there's "something wrong" with growing older, and tapped into a deeper appreciation and understanding for the circle of life. She also came to appreciate that almost all maturing women, regardless of their hair color, were struggling with many of the same questions.

Building on her experience, you'll learn how to:

This isn’t just a book you’ll read and put down. It’s a workshop you can hold in your hand… full of practical questions, exercises, wisdom and guidance that will allow you to embrace the amazing woman you’ve become… and help you build a life that reflects who you are now.

Enjoy this short video... and guess who the sixty year old red-feathered showgirl is. (See, I told you it just gets more fun!)